Moulin des arbres is a newly registered French non-profit association founded in 2020 whose mission is restoring deforested land in our area. We believe in the power of community, transfer of skills and knowledge for the purpose of forest preservation in Hérault where we are based.

It is important for us to show how to join forces for a good purpose. Offering guidance to passionate volunteers is an essential part of our work. We want to inspire the younger generations to cultivate a closer and more respectable relationship with nature.

Our project is mainly supported by the help of a mixed group of volunteers from around the world, as well as with the sales of the artwork produced at our studio under the guidance of the founder, Eric Lansdown.



In the last 20 years 5,8%* of tree cover disappeared in the region of Hérault, with the main driver of loss being fires. Witnessing how global climate change is affecting our environment first-hand, we were determined to take action.

At the same time we wanted to make our actions as durable and as effective as possible. After the first acorns were gathered and planted, we started connecting with a wider community, including the youth in our village of Gabian, to future-proof our endeavours.

Me and my vélo
"These hills were once forested and there are terrace walls over 90% that were stacked over thousands of years by shepherds and goat herders. Unfortunately, cultivation, charcoal production and firewood ate away much of the forest and now fire rips through brushland often."
-Eric Lansdown