The Collecting

Step 1First we gather acorns. This takes place in the surrounding hills of Gabian in autumn. We look for the strongest and healthiest trees to make sure that the seeds are resilient and in good condition. 

Step 2The second step is collecting oak forest topsoil for enriching regular potting soil with microbial cultures. When digging up forest topsoil, you  may come across clumps of mycelium. 

It would look something like this. When you spot it, carefully take the clump and put it in a bucket. Try to keep the structure intact. The mycelium helps the trees grow and make them grow a lot faster!


The Planting

Step 1: Fill 2/3 of the bag with regular potting soil. This soil is drier and of lower quality than the forest soil.

Step 2: Fill the bag almost to the top with forest soil. This soil will help the tree grow in its first year. The first year is the hardest, so it is important that it have enough nutrients. So bonus points if you add in some mycelium or roots.

Step 3: Put the acorn on top of the forest soil.

Step 4: Cover the acorn with regular potting soil for protection. Your seed bag is now done!


Step 1: Put the bags on the ground. Place then closely together, so the sunlight cannot reach the side of the bags. Only the tops should be visible. This is to make sure that it will end up looking like this…

Step 2:  Sprinkle a generous layer of sawdust on top of the bags. This protects them against the sun and works as a natural pesticide!

Stpe 3: Water your seed bags.

Illustrations: Manouk Opreis
Digital painting: Rachel Medina