Eric Lansdown (the founder of Moulin Des Arbres) is known for his detailed and masterful dollhouses and aviaries and he is looking to expand his studio by taking on apprentices. With decades of experience as a professional artist and woodworker, he loves to share his craft with young people. He has noticed that the workshop education he received in his youth is no longer offered. Eric wants to share the skills he developed during his career. Eric loves the arts and architecture from the classical to the renaissance and the 18th century, so his creations are joyful expressions. He offers training to people who also feel the desire to create.

Eric aims to give young people the ability to build the kind of art that led to him being featured in Architectural Digest, House and Gardens, Vogue, Elle Décor and many others. In his long career, he has risen to the top of his sector and learned much about the art and the market. With a mother, a restorer of antique painted furniture and decorator of houses, he learned about restoration and architecture. Eric’s dad was a master with color and taught him the complexities of hues and the way light reflected on surfaces. His extended family was full of professional artists, and Eric learned about each of their crafts as he developed his own niche. As a kid, he fell in love with woodworking through building boats, and painting pictures of boats. The love of the two art forms came together for the dollhouses and aviaries.

He built his first dollhouse in the early 1970s, and in the decades since, he has built thousands of dollhouses. As time passed his reputation grew, and his knowledge of the art industry expanded. With all his collected experience, he looks forward to passing on his knowledge to the next generation.

In his medieval studio, Eric looks forward to teaching young people about glass cutting, mold making and casting resins and metal to create the details that has made his work so popular and successful. This is a great opportunity for someone interested in art or just to try something new.


If you’d like to participate or learn more about this opportunity, please contact Eric Lansdown at