We collect, we plant, we restore

We are reforesting the areas around the village of Gabian in the department of Hérault in southeast France where fires and tree cutting have caused considerable damage to the forests around. We work on private as wel as public lands, but we plan to expand the project to other places in the region.

The main tree variety we plant are the local green oaks and pine trees. The concept is to plant a variety of well adapted trees that should survive well into the future.



We plan and we plant

With our team of volunteers and our tools, we collect the seeds, we grow saplings from the seeds, we prepare the soil for planting the saplings and then continuously maintain the plantations.

In summer and winter months our team consists of 1-3 volunteers, which then extends to up to 10 volunteers in the autumn when the planting season begins.


we plan and we plant

With our team of volunteers and our tools, we collect, we prepare the soil, we plant and maintain constantly the plantations that are lands given to us by the government following the (insert rules).

We count at the moment with a team of 3 volunteers acquired by workaway, a tractor and our own tools. At this time we specialize in planting evergreen oak trees and soon pine as well.



Welcome to Gabian

Located in the south of France, in the region of Occitanie, a historical village with less than a thousand inhabitants is perfect for those looking for tranquility, solitude and nature as it is surrounded by forests, vineyards and rivers.

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